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JAMES on YouTube:
Snow Comes in Winter: United Nations International School Choir sings James' song!

Saturday: James live at TOYS 'R US - Times Square, NYC:

Nite Nite (from the Saturday CD):

Forever Young 6/12/2012:

That's How Strong My Love Is:

Every Grain Of Sand:

UPCOMING SCHEDULE at 240 East 31st street (2nd/3rd):
Drop-in for $25 (siblings $10) per class! A 10-pack of classes is $150

Join us this week:
Mondays @ 11:00am: SCHEDULE CHANGE: I have been hired by The Goddard school as their music teacher on Monday mornings. Please join us Mondays at 4:00pm, or Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning:

Monday April 15th @ 4:00pm:
mixed ages (up to 4 years) Playtime before each class 3:30 to 4:00pm

Wednesday, April 17th @ 4:00pm:
mixed ages (up to 4 yrs) Playtime before class 3:30 to 4:00pm

Thursday, April 18th @ 10:00am: mixed ages (up to 4 yrs) Playtime before class 9:30 to 10:00am

Monday April 22nd @ 4:00pm: No Class on this day
Join us:
Wednesday April 22nd @ 4:00pm
Thursday April 23rd @ 10:00am

JERSEY CITY, NJ: Music with James meets Fridays at 4:30pm in Jersey City. For more information, write to

Pay by CREDIT CARD right here: click "About the Class" above (please indicate your child's name on the order)

See you there!

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